Customized Deck Machinery & Offshore Solutions

Marine & Offshore

Manufacturing in compliance with all major standards


Maritime Hydraulic and its sister company MHD Offshore provide a wide range of solutions for safety operations in the Offshore industry. We created Sea Spring® as a core technology for motion compensation system. More on our Marine & Offshore products below:

  1. Introduction to Heave Compensation
  2. Applications
  3. Offshore Lifting and Handling Services
  4. Load Management Systems
    1. Introduction to LMS
    2. Sea Spring® LMS 300 MT
  5. Heave Compensated Winches


We also manufacture hydraulic cylinder packages which are used as components by deck machinery suppliers in specific applications:

  1. Introduction for Marine Equipment Suppliers
  2. Suction dredger cylinders
  3. Piling barge cylinders
  4. Split barge cylinders
  5. Moonpool door cylinders
  6. LARS cylinders/systems
  7. Crane cylinders
  8. Winch brake cylinders
  9. Subsea cylinders

  • 300 ton capacity, In-Line Crane Compensator System on route to Malaysia for deployment on a pipe laying barge. This equipment allows the barge crane to operate in higher sea state/wind conditions than would normally be available without compensation.

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