Our welders are CWB-qualified welders and perform FCAW, GMAW, SMAW, and GTAW processes in the CWB-certified shop. All our welds are 100% visually inspected, and depending on the application may also have other NDE inspections carried out, such as magnetic particle, ultrasonic and dye penetrate.

  • This cylinder has 1,500 pounds of weld wire in it with full-penetration welds. Not one repair.

  • Here, one of our professional welders is welding up a structural frame work assembly for a conveyor system in 2014.

Using the words of Marcel Bourque, our Welding Manager, after one of our last projects in 2015:

Marcel Bourque,
Welding Manager

We do a lot of Non-Destructive Examination, particularly ultrasound, to ensure the soundness and integrity of our work. Take, for example, two huge cylinders we recently manufactured. They have 3,000 pounds of weld wire in them with full-penetration welds. Not one repair.

For increased efficiency and safety of our staff we work with various in-shop welding positioners whenever feasible.

Operations are performed in segregated, environmentally controlled rooms for specialized stainless welding.

Our Welding Department has succeeded achieving compliance of some of the most demanding and world-renowned agencies, and we are CWB Certified:

  1. CWB, Canadian Welding Bureau certified, under CSA W47.1, Division 2
  2. AWS D1.6 (stainless steels)
  3. AWS, American Welding Society D 1.1. qualified shop
  4. API, American Petroleum Institute
  5. ASME
  6. ABS
  7. Lloyds
  8. BV, Bureau Veritas

  • Certified CSA W178.2 Level 2 Welding Inspector on staff
  • Welders are trained to perform all standard welding processes on a variety of materials
  • Welding management under the leadership of Marcel Bourque, respected long-time industry professional

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